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Q:What payment methods do you accept?
A:We accept credit card, Paypal(Limited Time Only) , and Solid Trust Pay

Q:What is the minimum investment?
A:The minimum is $25

Q:Can I advertise this doubler through any advertising medium?
A:Everything except for SPAM. If we find you are spamming we will immediately delete your account and any money you have doubled or invested is forfeit.

Q:Is this system automated?
A:No, we have a dedicated team working on this program. Customer support, payments recieved and paid out. They are not there 100% of the time. So please allow 24-48 hours for support questions, withdrawals, and payments to show up.

Q: I don't see my Doubling Package yet? How come?
A: Please allow up to 24 hours for your payment to be approved. Sometimes in rare cases it'll take up to 36 hours. If it's been up to 72 hours and your payment is still not approved then you may open a ticket. If you open a ticket before the timeframe that we listed, we will delete it.

Q: How much do I get for referring others?
A: Referral Commissions are paid on down 3 levels for all Traffic Package purchases.... 1st level: 10% 2nd Level: 5% 3rd Level: 5%

Q: How do I withdraw money out of system?

A: Easy! If you have the minimum amount of withdrawal required($2.00) then you may login to your members area and click the Withdrawal link which will redirect you to a page you'll need to fill out..

Withdrawal requests are paid exclusively with Solid Trust Pay! Please make sure you have an account on file.

*NOTE* Please make sure that you have a Solid Trust Pay account to receive your Withdrawal Request as soon as possible.

If you do not have one, please click the banner below to get one! They are completely free to setup and you can access your money easily this way!


Please allow upto 36 hours for withdrawals to be completed.